About Crossword solver 3.0

CROSSWORD SOLVER 3.0 helps you quickly solve your unsolved puzzles or crosswords

Program CROSSWORD SOLVER 3.0 is for everyone who are often or just occasionally solving crosswords. It gives you fast in efficient searching over the 50.000 words with clues and elimenates slow searching in the book editions.
The search is up to 100 % faster. You can enter you own words and create a database that suits your needs

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Main program screen


With Crossword solver 3.0 you can :
  • directly search the database
  • add new words to the database
  • edit existing word in the database
  • delete exitsting word in the database
  • search the database on know letters in the words
  • printing word from the database
  • set fonts and size of the program to fit your needs
  • backup and restore database
  • import and export words in the database
If you have any questions about Crossword solver 3.0 you can write to : info@ugankar.net
You can try Crossword solver 3.0 by downloading it here.arrowmovr.gif (2377 bytes)
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You can order Crossword solver on a secured web site through Shareit.com. arrowmovr.gif (2377 bytes) (product ID : 164207)

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The price for the program is 20 EUR or 20 USD.
When you register you will get your registration number and then you will be able to fully use Crossword solver !